We are solving a market need

Our unique technology and world-leading fermentation processes make us able to produce
various B-vitamins and selected nutraceuticals with several unique claims.  

Our vitamins and other nutraceuticals are natural and eco-friendly. All our products are developed and produced in the EU to ensure high consistent quality and supply security. 

All our products are produced from renewable sugar using a proprietary biological fermentation process, making them more natural than other vitamins available to the consumers. Besides, our processes will significantly lower CO2 emissions and chemical waste compared to the way vitamins are produced chemically today.

Applications & markets

Vitamins are essential nutrients for humans and animals to live and grow.
They support various essential metabolic functions depending on the type of vitamin. 
Our vitamins and nutraceuticals are relevant for end market products within:

Personal care:

Vitamins are active ingredients in various personal care products. As an active ingredient, they are essential for the functionality of the consumer product. Vitamins and other nutraceuticals such as antioxidants are common in products such as face creams and shampoos. Depending on the ingredient, vitamins can enrich attributes such as making skin smoother, hair more fuller, and healthier.

Dietary supplement:

Vitamins are typically known for their use in dietary supplements such as a multivitamin pill to support a balanced and healthy nutritional diet. As supplement vitamins are also used in concentrated form to target certain benefits.

Animal feed products:

Like humans, most animals need vitamins for a healthy diet. Therefore, vitamins are heavily used in animal feed products such as pre-mixes being blended into the final compound feed. Products like pet foods can also be fortified with vitamins.

We will be able to make the products in a formulation appropriate for the various end markets, e.g. in powder or liquid form or in low and high dilution levels - caring for every market need.