We are solving a market need

Our fermentation technology enables us to produce selected natural ingredients with several unique claims. These include:  

Natural and Vegan - since only plant-based raw materials are used as feedstock

Eco-friendly - since our processes have a lower climate- and environmental footprint than the processes they replace

EU sourced - Biosyntia’s ingredients are produced in the EU to ensure high consistent quality and supply security

In a world that is increasingly shifting towards plant-based foods, Biosyntia can deliver the solution required to maintain the high nutritional value and superior taste and texture without compromising a natural, vegan and sustainable sourcing of ingredients.  

The full overview of the unmet needs that are addressed with our technology:

Today's ingredients challenges

Biosyntia's solution


Petrochemistry (oil), animal- or crop plant extract
Fermentation using plant-based raw materials


High cost
Allows for significant cost reduction


Especially animal- and plant extracts are typically low purity
High purity


Often based on production in China, high seasonal variability in cost and quality
Production based in Europe


High environmental footprint; based on petrochemistry, unsuitable crop farming or animal extraction
Low environmental footprint; minimizing co2, farmland use, no use of toxic solvents or chemicals


Petrochemical products can not be labelled natural
Natural, vegan, and eco-friendly


Several ingredients are present in too low concentration and are not feasible to extract
Biosyntia's technology allows for the production of any


May have limited functionality
Our microbial process allows us to biologically modify compound structures for improved functionality, e.g. solubility, bioavailability, stability, etc.

Applications & markets

Dietary supplements including vitamins are critical nutrients for humans and animals to live and grow.
They support various essential metabolic functions depending on the type and formulation. Our dietary ingredients are relevant for end-market products within:

Personal care:

Our products are active ingredients in various personal care products. As an active ingredient, they are essential for the functionality of the consumer product. Vitamins and other nutraceuticals such as antioxidants are common in products such as face creams and shampoos. Depending on the ingredient, vitamins can enrich attributes such as making skin smoother, hair fuller, and healthier.

Dietary supplement:

Vitamins and nutraceuticals are typically known for their use in dietary supplements such as a multivitamin pill to support a balanced and healthy nutritional diet. As supplement nutraceuticals are also used in concentrated form to target certain benefits.

Food & beverage fortification:

Dietary ingredients are today also leveraged in the fortification of food and beverages. Here, vitamins and nutraceuticals are used to either increase the nutritional value of the food to support a balanced and healthy diet or they are leveraged to target specific benefits.

Taste and wellbeing:

In addition to ingredients with direct health benefits, Biosyntia’s portfolio include natural functional ingredients that influence food properties through flavor, bitter-masking, appetite stimulation and similar. This can be particularly useful for animal-free foods that wish to have the same nutritional