Together we can make it happen. We believe that your market
access and our unique technology will lead to success.

The technology fuelling our ingredient programs is highly applicable for a selected group of ingredients, where we believe we are or can become world-leading. This select-group constitutes several thousand of ingredients and therefore holds ample potential. As we learn from and further develop our core ingredients, we also expand our technology base and the group of ingredients we can address with our technology. 

Particularly unique is our Biosynthetic Selections technology combined with our ingredient specific insights. This has resulted in us delivering the world’s leading processes within our target ingredients such as B-vitamins and related nutraceuticals. Examples of ingredient specific know-how are our leading expertise within sulphur dependent pathways.

We partner with companies where our technology is a good match with their specific product needs, for specific market segments. We do not offer fee-based research, but a partnership based on value-sharing, where we develop the full fermentation process to get to a final ingredient.

Our partnerships further benefit greatly from our ingredient programs altogether, as we work on ingredients with similar technical challenges. These synergetic effects are leading to discoveries where one discovery in one development program has lifted other programs up to 80%.

We have extensive experience in partnerships. Since our inception, we have collaborated with more than 20 different academic partners and more than 20 different industry partners.