About us

Delivering nature’s ingredients at scale – affordably and sustainably

The world population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. Most dietary ingredients critical for a healthy population are today sourced from either crop- or animal extraction or petrochemical synthesis. Our approach will fundamentally change how ingredients are produced and ensure that we can affordably supply nature’s ingredients without the need for increasing cropland or animal production. And without the use of petrochemistry.

Proprietary microbial fermentation processes – our unique asset

We produce natural ingredients based on microbial fermentation processes. While it compares to the process of brewing beer, it is distinguished by our unique and proprietary microorganisms. We select our microbes to produce specific natural ingredients of our choice. By integrating the developed microbes into full-scale manufacturing processes, we can deliver natural ingredients to our customers at unprecedented cost, quality, and scale with minimum environmental footprint.

World leaders in vitamins and plant bioactives

Nature is a treasure trove of ingredients, with more than 40.000 registered bioactives. Biosyntia focuses deeply on a subset of natural products. Our current product platforms position Biosyntia as a world leader within a selection of fermented vitamins and plant-derived bioactives.

An ambition to change the future

We are driven by the prospect, that biology can replace chemistry and unsustainable agriculture to enable a more sustainable world for generations to come.  

Until now, we have raised EUR 10 million of which EUR 4 million are from national and grants. Our investors' great support and funding mean that today we are the leading developer of natural vitamin bioprocesses. Our ambition is to replace highly polluting chemical processes and challenge the status quo with significantly more sustainable fermentation processes.

Biosyntia was founded by Morten Sommer, Hans Genee and Andreas Hougaard Laustsen as a spin-out from the Centre for Biosustainability, at the Technical University of Denmark. Today we are 20 passionate people with capabilities spanning from strain engineering, fermentation optimization, bioprocess development, business development and sales.