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We are

the natural
vitamin company

A Natural Alternative

Nowadays vitamins are typically produced from a chemical synthesis with oil as the raw material. We produce vitamins from renewable sugar using a proprietary biological fermentation process. The result is natural vitamins produced in a significantly more sustainable way. For the benefit of the consumers and our planet.

Our Uniqueness

Our proprietary and patented technology enables us to produce ingredients others cannot. Our technology consists of both a unique set of biological tools as well as unique product insights. As an example, our biological tools allows for effective selection of highly productive organisms, dramatically reducing time and cost of development compared to e.g. automated screening. Having worked with vitamins since 2012, we have a complex understanding of how to tailor and optimize organisms for producing vitamins effectively. As a result, we have the world-leading biological processes for several vitamins.

Solving a Market Need

At an increasing rate consumers are demanding more natural and sustainable solutions. It is forecasted that sustainable foods and natural plant based diets will experience an annual growth of 60%, spearheaded by the conscious meat consumers. These progressive trends also appear in dietary supplements, beverages and personal self-care products. A key ingredient in many of these products are...vitamins. Our vitamins enable these products to be more natural and sustainable.

Ingredients for everyone

Our ambition does not stop at delivering natural and sustainable vitamins to conscious consumers. With the high quality standard and price level, we aim at making Biosyntia attractive for animal feed producers to include as an ingredient in their animal feed. This will not only be for the benefit of the animal feed industry but also the environment.

A Strong Team

Biosyntia employs 20 scientists and business developers whose passion is to deliver more natural and sustainable solutions to the everyday consumer, and improve the planet we live on. We have an eminently global team, with more than 50% of our employees emanating from outside Denmark, such as USA, Germany, Mexico and New Zealand. Our team has a proficient mix of the newest academic insights and strong industry experience in turning processes to industrial scale. Our team has received several recognitions, including being the most innovative industrial biotech SME in Europe (EuropaBio). Today we are backed by Novo Holding and Sofinnova Partners – investors with strong experience in investing in industrial biotech, ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.

Be a part of the team

We are hiring! See here to find our open positions. You are also welcome to send an unsolicited application, which we continously review.