Our uniqueness

Disrupting the traditional supply chains of extraction and petrochemical synthesis

We focus on producing ingredients already existing in nature. As the concentration of active ingredients in natural sources such as plants is typically very low, the existing supply can be fragile, expensive, and environmentally invasive. And in many cases not feasible at all. Consequently, nature still holds enormous untapped potential. Our fermentation processes enable the production of hard-to-access natural products, can easily be scaled, are economical and sustainable. And unlike synthetic chemistry, our approach relies entirely on natural and renewable raw materials.

Natural products are structurally related and have evolved through the gradual extension of the biosynthetic pathways. Inspired by nature, Biosyntia is expanding our product portfolio through gradual extensions of our established microbial processes. In this way, we see strong synergies across our product portfolio which incrementally lowers our development cost and risk while solidifying our competitive position.

Enabled by a unique and state-of-the-art biotechnology toolbox
Biosyntia’s technology platform is proven and has delivered development breakthroughs that mean that Biosyntia today has a pioneering portfolio of fermented ingredients.

Biosynthetic Selections™ - enabling ultra-high throughput
At the very core of our development is our Biosynthetic Selections™ technology. Biosynthetic Selections™ is a suite of technologies based on synthetic biology that enables coupling the growth of our microorganisms to the productivity of a compound of interest. By allowing millions of engineered microorganisms to be tested for productivity within a week, without the need for expensive instrumentation, the cost per microbe built and tested is reduced by 40 x compared to robotic automated construction and screening.

Harnessing the full potential of modern engineering technologies

With the capacity for ultra-high throughput testing, Biosyntia fully harnesses multiplex- and combinatorial engineering methodologies by which thousands of parallel strategies for microbial optimization can be pursued. This generates the basis for massive data collection which through modelling guide the next rounds of engineering.

We build full processes and deliver the ingredient
Biosyntia is a product company, and we consider our technology as a critical tool to deliver dietary ingredients with added value. We integrate our unique microbial engineering assets into a full value chain that includes world-class fermentation optimization, analytical chemistry, downstream process development, scale-up, quality control, regulatory filing and commercial-scale production.