News, June 2021

We are upgrading with a new CTO, experienced in successfully bringing products from lab to market

With a new, experienced CTO and a new internal organizational structure, we are taking yet another step towards commercializing our first products. As CTO of Biosyntia, Jochen Förster will assume responsibility for development and lead the charge in bringing our sustainable technology and products into production and, eventually, to market.

The future is looking even brighter for us here at Biosyntia. On the road towards becoming commercially successful with our sustainable and more natural vitamins and other nutraceutical products, our company is adding a new CTO to drive us further.  

“As of September 1, we are welcoming Jochen Förster as our CTO and we are beyond excited to bring him into our company. He comes with a unique background and experience in moving research from the lab to the commercial market and I am confident he will be able to speed up the process we have already begun,” says CEO Martin Plambech of Jochen Förster, who comes with a solid background in both lab work and the technical aspects.

Biosyntia will become a market leader
Jochen Förster is thrilled to become part of our company where he will draw on his highly relevant background. From being co-founder at the start-up Fluxome, taking it from small beginnings to commercial scale, to being part of building CfB at DTU, a beacon for R&D in industrial biotech, as well as realizing the newest bio-innovation at global market leader Carlsberg, Jochen Förster knows how to build successful teams and bring new technology and products into production and the market:

“Biosyntia has developed a unique genome editing technology platform that will enable the development of complex natural ingredients in a short time. The technology will be a springboard to establishing Biosyntia as the leading natural vitamin and ingredient company. I look forward to supporting this vision and being part of this journey,” Jochen Förster says.

A new organization for the future
“With Jochen’s arrival, we are also shaking things up organizationally and investing significantly in realizing the many possibilities in our technologies. We are splitting our previous research and development team into two, with one dedicated to research and new projects and one in charge of the development of existing projects. Jochen will run the latter as he has previously used his knowledge in creating commercial successes—something we will need,” Martin Plambech explains.  

“I see a fantastic match between Biosyntia’s and my desire to bring exciting, novel, natural and cost competitive functional ingredients such as vitamins to the market. I can’t wait to be part of a team that pushes towards this goal!” says Jochen Förster.

Jochen Förster’s first day with us will be September 1.