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Weight loss and anti-cellulite botanical

Forskolin is the key bioactive ingredient of the plant Coleus Barbatus. The plant is indigenous in India and used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, valued for it' s health promoting properties.

Modern science demonstrates the efficacy of forskolin for weight management supporting the positive effect on fat metabolism. Today forskolin is recognized for its ability to help maintaining a healthy body weight and is also recognised for it´ s ability to reduce cellulite skin when applied topically.

New preliminary research is showing that forskolin may have beneficial effects in other nutraceutical categories such as beauty from within cellulite skin, recurrent urinary tract infections and blood pressure lowering.

About us

Biosyntia was founded in 2012 and based on a novel patented technology; Biosynthetic selections™. This technology platform enables us to produce nutraceuticals via fermentation, with the aim to substitute current petrochemical and extraction-based methods with a natural and more sustainable alternative. Our technology and company have won several recognitions, including being one of the most innovative SMEs in Europe (EuropeBio’s, 2016) and one of the most promising cleantech start-ups (Nordic Cleantech Open, 2015).


Our production significantly reduces CO2 emission, solvent use and waste compared to existing extraction processes to the benefit of the environment.

High quality

ForskEffect™ has a high purity and properties in line with existing extracted forskolin, enabling hassle-free formulation.

Stable supply

ForskEffect™ will be produced in Europe under GMP standards and is not impacted by fluctuations due to seasonality.

Reduced land use

We use carbohydrate from sugar beets in our highly efficient fermentation process significantly reducing the land need compared to current extraction methods.

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We have a rich pipeline of natural vitamins and botanicals

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