December 21, 2021

Biosyntia and Lantana Bio sign
in-licensing deal and gear up to enter
a multi-billion euro market

With a signed in-licensing deal with Lantana Bio, Danish bio-tech company Biosyntia is taking their first step into the rapidly growing global market for botanical ingredients. Under the agreement, Biosyntia will develop and run a more sustainable production process of flavonoids and bring natural and sustainable active ingredients to the nutrition and beauty market.

COPENHAGEN, December 2021: French Lantana Bio and Danish bio-tech company Biosyntia are to jointly develop production processes for flavonoids, and Biosyntia will be responsible for bringing the processes into production and commercialising the ingredients.  

The flavonoids are a group of active ingredients present in several Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs with indication of health benefits ranging from virus protection to treating inflammation. The jointly developed technology platform will deliver today’s commercial flavonoids in a sustainable and natural way, but over time it has the potential to deliver thousands of high-quality flavonoids not previously possible to produce.  

Biosyntia enters a new market
“We are beyond excited about working with Lantana Bio on this! The agreement marks Biosyntia’s first step into botanical ingredients, a new and very promising market for us and our technologies. The global market for botanical extracts has a business-to-business-value of several billion euros and it continues to grow rapidly at 9% annually,” says Martin Plambech, CEO of Biosyntia.  

“The partnership with Biosyntia is a great step forward towards our ambition of bringing sustainably produced flavonoids to market at affordable prices. The partnership with Biosyntia allows Lantana to fully focus on developing high performing strains, using our state-of-the-art engineering technology, and we are looking forward to working with Biosyntia in this partnership,” says Michael Naesby, CEO of Lantana Bio.  

A clean and consistent product with health benefits
The first flavonoid being developed is kaempferol and will be the first fermented version on the world market, thereby allowing producers of beauty products and dietary supplements to choose a safe, clean and consistent kaempferol that is produced in a sustainable and natural way. Moreover, the production will be based in Europe, eliminating the need to deal with supply challenges of cross-continent logistics. Kaempferol is today used in products within the health areas of virus infections, inflammation and cancer. Kaempferol itself represents a 5 billion euro global consumer product market.  

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Biosyntia – the natural vitamin company
Biosyntia is driven by the prospect, that biology can replace chemistry and enable a more sustainable world for generations to come. Using nature's own principle, our mission is to enable a future where vitamins and other active ingredients are manufactured biologically with a substantially lower environmental footprint than what is the case by today's traditional chemical methods of manufacturing. By developing and applying proprietary biological processes we will offer customers and consumers a more natural and sustainable alternative to present-day nutraceuticals, at a price competitive level.  

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Lantana - Bioactive Aromatic Compounds  Lantana is an early stage, white biotech company based in Toulouse, Occitanie, France. Our core technology is the engineering of single cellular organisms for production of bioactive plant compounds to be used as ingredients, by partners and customers, in the foods and beverages, dietary supplements, and personal care industries.  

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