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Biosyntia and Givaudan enter
long-term collaboration for sustainable ingredient development

Danish bio-tech front runner Biosyntia has signed a collaboration agreement with market leader Givaudan focused on the development and manufacture of sustainable, natural ingredients for food and beverage.

COPENHAGEN: Biosyntia, a Danish biotech company considered a world leader within the development of fermentation processes for select small molecules, has entered into a multi-year collaboration with Givaudan, global leader in flavours, taste, functional and nutritional solutions.

The growth in demand for natural products coincides with an urgent need for companies to utilize ingredients that are sustainable for the long term. Biosyntia’s fermentation processes and experience assure a consistent and dependable supply of ingredients that have a reduced environmental impact.

Martin Plambech, CEO of Biosyntia, is excited about the partnership, as it demonstrates Givaudan’s strong belief in Biosyntia’s technology and the team behind it: “We are extremely proud that market leading Givaudan chose us and our technology to bring novel products to life. This collaboration will enable Givaudan to launch a flavor ingredient that is both natural and sustainable, helping to make their product stand out in a very competitive field,” Martin Plambech says.

The collaboration and ingredient development is well aligned with Givaudan’s purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature, and its focus on innovative, sustainable solutions. Fabio Campanile, Givaudan’s Global Head of Science & Technology, Taste & Wellbeing said “Biosyntia’s unique technology platform enables the development of natural materials that are differentiated, consistent, and sustainable. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to creating the future of food in a sustainable way with innovation partners who have a similar vision. We’re excited to see this relationship come to life.”  

Unique technology and know-how deciding factors in agreement
Last year, Biosyntia announced that they were able to produce biotin through fermentation as an alternative to today’s highly polluting chemical-based process. Biosyntia thereby initiated the commercialization of their first ingredient for use within cosmetic applications, dietary supplements, food and beverage fortification as well as animal feed.

“For me and the rest of the team at Biosyntia, this collaboration is truly a proof of our world-class results stemming from our unique technology platform and un-matchable know-how. At the same time, the agreement with Givaudan underscores the fact that Biosyntia is a world-leading company within the development of fermentation processes of select ingredients” Martin Plambech reveals.

About Biosyntia
Biosyntia is driven by the prospect, that biology can replace chemistry and enable a more sustainable world for generations to come. Using nature’s own principle, our mission is to enable a future where vitamins and other nutraceutical ingredients are manufactured biologically with a substantially lower environmental footprint than what is the case by today’s traditional chemical methods of manufacturing. By developing and applying proprietary biological processes we will offer customers and consumers a more natural and sustainable alternative to present-day vitamins, at a price competitive level.
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Martin Plambech, CEO, Biosyntia

About Givaudan
Givaudan is the global leader in the creation of flavours and fragrances, with its heritage stretching back over 250 years, the Company has a long history of innovating tastes and scents. From a favourite drink to your daily meal, from prestige perfumes to cosmetics and laundry care, its creations inspire emotions and delight millions of consumers the world over. The Company is committed to driving purpose-led, long-term growth while leading the way to improve happiness and health for people and nature. In the fiscal year 2020, the Company employed almost 16,000 people worldwide and achieved sales of CHF 6.3 billion and a free cash flow of 12.8% of sales.
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Jeff Peppet, Director Communications, Givaudan
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