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Immune boosting and anti-inflammatory botanical

Flavonoids are natural anti-oxidants present in many fruits and vegetables and plays an important role in helping your body combat free radical damage, which is linked to chronic diseases.

Flavonoids in foods and supplements is renowned for its inti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and inti-viral effect and is further recognized for its ability to treat eczema and prevent the formation of wrinkles when applied topically.

Our pure Flavonoids are sourced from the rich soil, where carbohydrate complexes are converted into the Flavonoid by microorganisms in a fermentation process. Fermentation is a natural process which has a significant sustainability advantage over extraction from plants. Flavonoids are produced in Europe, fully traceable and with high purity.

About us

Biosyntia was founded in 2012 and based on a novel patented technology; Biosynthetic selections™. This technology platform enables us to produce nutraceuticals via fermentation, with the aim to substitute current petrochemical and extraction-based methods with a natural and more sustainable alternative. Our technology and company have won several recognitions, including being one of the most innovative SMEs in Europe (EuropeBio’s, 2016) and one of the most promising cleantech start-ups (Nordic Cleantech Open, 2015).


Our production significantly reduces CO2 emission, solvent use and waste compared to existing extraction processes to the benefit of the environment.

High quality

QuercEffect™ has a >98% purity and properties in line with existing extracted quercetin, enabling hassle-free formulation.

Stable supply

QuercEffect™ will be produced in Europe under GMP standards and is not impacted by fluctuations due to seasonality.

Reduced land use

We use carbohydrate from sugar beets in our highly efficient fermentation process significantly reducing the land need compared to current extraction methods

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We have a rich pipeline of natural vitamins and botanicals

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